If you are a licensed 502 company that has been operational for at least 12 months (6 months for retailers and processors), you qualify to get started with Just Good Score now!  We are currently accepting new companies who want to be scored.

Our goal is to help ALL cannabis companies continually improve their environmental and social responsibility impact, and showcase them as leaders in the industry. It does not matter where you fall on this continuum when you begin working with us. Our goal is to help you to improve your business operations, and to communicate the improvements you have made throughout the marketplace.

We will work with you to identify things you can do immediately to improve your score, including things with little or no cost, while advising you on how to continually increase your score in the coming years. Additionally, the companies who score the highest will earn the opportunity to help direct the scoring criteria for the following year.

There is no cost to 502 companies for participating in Just Good Score, now or ever, as we believe it is an inherent conflict of interest for any social or environmental entity to rely upon the entities they are evaluating for revenue. But if you support our mission, we welcome your anonymous contribution of any size to our crowdfunding campaign.

To get started, submit this form.

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