Welcome to the Just Good Score proof of concept platform.Just Good Score Ratings

This site serves as a demonstration platform for a tool that will have immense impact once it is more fully developed.

We have had several previous funding offers, but each offer was dependent on changes to the system that we believe would have corrupted the system’s unique capacity to deliver authentic change.

Just Good Score is an ethics-driven system that is accountable to people and the environment first, and therefore it must remain independent of corporate interests to to maintain its authentic integrity.  This is a tool for both people and planet. It is a bottom-up funded and supported initiative that needs your help.

We have an unprecedented moment in history to shift this emerging industry to standards that are good for both the planet and 99% of the population. We aim to prove that comprehensive socially just and environmentally sustainable commerce is both possible and achievable. Join us. We have a planet to save, so let’s get to it!

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What’s Unique About Just Good Score?

  • Just Good Score is guided by the principle that the unique solutions that we need as a planet can only be achieved when we have the right group of people and communities at the table, in a cross-sector collaborative conversation. Therefore, the weighting and direction of Just Good Score areas will be directed by a roundtable of leading environmental and social justice advocates, the best scoring companies, and our team of economists, natural scientists, and public health experts.
  • One of the driving forces to create Just Good Score was our analysis of the limitations of existing consumer labels and certifications programs, ones that overwhelmingly rely upon the same businesses they are evaluating for funding. We believe this to be a fundamental conflict of interest, thus a structural barrier to effective change. Just Good Score is driven by the principle that effective change needs to be led by the people and communites most impacted, and that any evaluation of businesses needs to be absolutely independent from industry. Just Good Score draws upon the lessons learned from both the successes and structural limitations of past frameworks, certifications, and labeling programs.
  • We believe one fundamental reason initiatives for change fail is because individual short-term interests are able to gain priority over collective interests. Our system is uniquely designed to capture and deliver authentic data from our diverse body of community partners, while preventing individual entities/sectors from usurping the collective goal of a thriving, environmentally sustainable and socially just cannabis industry.
  • We believe effective solutions require integration of environmental, social, and market concerns as a fundamental principle.
  • Just Good Score is unique in that it was designed with internal processes to ensure integrity, authenticity, and accountability.


These companies were all known leaders, and were each recommended several times from trusted partners within the industry. We interviewed each company to verify they were a good candidate for Just Good Score, toured their facility, required each perform a survey on their company practices, and the submission of their energy, water, and waste usage data.
At the proof of concept stage, we verified the accuracy of their information using the data companies were required to submit; we made sure that their use fell within appropriate thresholds for the practices they use. In the future we will continue to use data verification, but will add regular third party testing and regular random site visits as additional means of authentication.
Just Good Score designed the system, criteria, scoring and weighting with input from experts from across sectors: environmental scientists, economists, sustainable agriculture experts, and social and environmental advocates. In the future, each new iteration of the system will be directed by a roundtable of three main groups: the highest-scoring companies from the previous scoring period, leading social and environmental advocates who have the best and longest track records of service in these areas, along our team of natural scientists and economists.
There are many things that can be done to begin addressing some of the deep social justice issues that underlie this industry. We believe the most successful strategies for change originate and are led by communities most impacted. Thus, our role is not to advocate for particular outcome per se, but instead we aim to raise the issue in a comprehensive manner within the industry, provide a framework for accountability to, and leadership from, the communities most impacted.
We have excellent educational materials in development that we are excited to share, however we are a small operation, and will make them available as soon as resources allow.
We are now accepting applications through October 20th for the next round of scoring. Click here to get your score.
We are an all-volunteer crew working to shift the cannabis industry toward justice for people and the planet. Your financial contribution of any size can really make a difference. Click here to get involved!