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For our own operations we do our best to utilize energy efficient equipment including LED lighting. We keep our heating at optimal energy saving levels, turn lights off when they are not in use, and we think about energy conservation in all our activities. We also have plans to one day utilize solar or alternative energy solutions. Emerald Peaks sources most of the cannabis used for our edible and topical products from outdoor gardens, which keeps the energy and carbon footprints at minimal levels. When make a determination about sourcing cannabis from indoor gardens, we are very picky about this and do consider whether or not the producer has any kind of plan around their energy usage. Simply put:we like to work with like-minded growers and businesses. We are looking for the "do-gooder" cannabis businesses that also care about their ecological footprint.
Emerald Peaks entry wage is $20 per hour, and since we are a new company with only a few people, $20 is also our average wage. Healthcare benefits plus sick time and maternity/paternity leave for employees will be coming soon!
We have a friendly relationship with the community where our facility is located. We haven't been there long, but we know some of our neighbors, including two recreational cannabis shops, and we have done our best to maintain good relationships with everyone around us. We plan to host and support community events at or near our facility in the near future.
We have participated in information gathering efforts in Olympia by state legislators involved in creating cannabis laws, and provided input to assist them in decision-making. We have and will continue to openly share our knowledge with city, county, and state officials interested in learning more about the cannabis industry and the ins and outs of cannabis businesses. We invite people, including other cannabis companies, to visit our facility, and we share information freely. We helped found, an information destination intent on demystifying cannabis, and we are involved in creating a comprehensive curriculum for Budtenders and people working with medical cannabis patients. We do our best to help other companies even if it doesn't always maximize the benefit to us.
Emerald Peaks is a proponent of reduced environmental impacts caused by the cannabis industry. We will continue to do as much as we can to reduce our footprint and to encourage and help others to do the same. We try to make as many sourcing decisions as we can about ingredients, equipment, and everything else from companies who share our environmental values. For our flower and concentrate lines, we are planning to use non-plastic or hemp packaging. As soon as we find a less wasteful packaging solution for our edibles, we will implement that as well! We will soon be composting all food and organic waste at our facility. We recycle as much as possible, including trying to recycle delivery bags and boxes. In general, we think and talk about it a lot and are continually looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle even more.
We are conscious of our water usage in terms of installing water conserving fixtures, and sourcing cannabis from gardens that are also being conscious and conservative about their water use. We are huge advocates for producers to remediate their own water before disposing of it.
We are working on a plan for how we can support efforts that address social justice issues within and outside of the cannabis industry, and we look forward to being active in this issue as we grow.
We always look for the most sustainably grown cannabis. We do not buy cannabis that has been grown using non-organic pesticides, and we have a rigorous quality assurance intake process for all products that we purchase. For other ingredients, we use all natural, non-gmo ingredients that are organic whenever possible.
Our edibles labels provide more information for consumers than most other edibles on the market. We provide a link to our test data on our packaging. We have a rigorous internal scoring system for potency and we are honest and transparent with our customers. We use all natural, non-gmo food ingredients that are organic as much as possible. We stay ahead of the curve in terms of education and learning about new science about cannabis, new cannabis products, and other new findings related to cannabis. We are also creating Department Of Health Compliant products for medical cannabis patients.