Current cannabis farming and processing can have dangerous impacts on our environment and human health because of

  • Heavy energy use, which adds pollution to the atmosphere and contributes to climate change;
  • Heavy use of harmful pesticides and chemicals that can contaminate local water, surrounding ecosystems, and human health;
  • Heavy use of water, which drains community water supplies, contributing to drought and forest fires;
  • Plastic packaging that ends up in landfills or worse.

The cannabis industry is also situated within the context of social inequality. Millions of Americans have served and are serving time, and many more are burdened with permanent criminal records for cannabis charges, which is now legal in a growing number of states. Overwhelmingly, those incarcerated have been people of color, and those currently standing to profit from the industry currently are White. In a time of rising income inequality and increased awareness of the impacts structural racism, these critical issues must be addressed though solutions which represent the people and communities affected.

Cannabis businesses can play a positive role in communities and for people by

  • Providing living wages, benefits, and healthy and safe working conditions for workers;
  • Respecting and listening to the communities where they operate;
  • Playing a positive role within the cannabis industry;
  • Supporting measures of restorative justice for the formerly incarcerated and communities most impacted by the drug war.

There is a vast difference in the quality of the social and environment performance of cannabis companies, but consumers have little or no way to know any of these important things.

Just Good Score is a tool that addresses all of these issues in an easy format.  We provide detailed information that gives the whole picture of a company’s impact. We also provide education on why these things matter, how they are interrelated, and framework to achieve real positive impact. Join us!